Catering F.A.Q.


What is the difference between your Full Catering and your Casual Catering options? 

* Full Catering: Our full catering is served buffet style. We will bring our own buffet tables with linens, chaffing dishes, real plates and silverware and all serving utensils. Pie and beverages (if ordered) will be served in high-quality disposable plates and/or cups. Our staff will stay throughout the service of the meal and will clear guest tables of plates and silverware when service is complete. 

* Casual Catering: We will bring all food in disposable pans. We will provide high quality disposable plates and eating utensils. We will provide high-quality serving utensils such as tongs, spoons and ladles. Our staff does not stay for service. We simply deliver the food for you to set up any way that you wish. 

When will you set up? 

* Full Catering: Our staff will arrive approximately 45-60 minutes prior to service. Please provide a clear pathway for us to bring in our tables, linens, food and drink. If your guests are in the area, we will attempt to set up as quietly as possible, but be prepared for some noise as we set up. We will arrange with you in advance what time you wish to have your food served. We understand that delays can happen, for example a wedding photography session taking longer than expected. However, delays over 30 minutes may result in additional charges. 

Depending on the size of your group, we allot aproximately one hour for guests to go through the buffet line and, if desired, come back for seconds. After one hour (or when we have confirmed with you that all guests are finished eating), we will begin our process of breaking down the buffet tables. If our staff needs to stay longer because of late guest arrivals, additional charges may be assessed. 

* Casual Catering: We will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled delivery time. 

Do we need to set up tables? 

* Full Catering: We will bring our own buffet tables and cover them with black linens. If you prefer a different color linen, please let us know in advance and provide those when we arrive. 

     o For groups of 150 guests or fewer, we will set up one buffet line with space for guests to use both sides of the table. Buffet length will be 16 feet long. If you order pies, we will set up an 8 foot table and if you order beverages we will set up a 6 foot or 8 foot table. 

     o For groups over 150 guests, we prefer to set up two buffet lines, each 16 feet in length, provided there is room in your venue. This will significantly speed up your service time. 

 * Casual Catering: You will need tables or counter space. 

Can we keep leftovers? 

* Full Catering: We bring enough food to make sure you will not run out of anything. Some groups eat more than others, so that means there may be some leftover food. For your safety, health code regulations prevent us from leaving any food that has fallen below 140 degrees. However, if any food remains above 140 degrees, you may keep that food provided you supply your own containers and refrigerate it immediately. Please inform our staff before service if this is your intention. 

* Casual Catering: All food is already provided in disposable pans. You keep everything. 

When and how do I pay? 

*   We require full payment on or before the day of the event. 

o Checks can be mailed to Carriage Crossing, PO Box 44, Yoder, KS 67585 or given to our staff upon arrival at your event. 

o If you prefer to pay with credit card, please call Ben, Mike or Adam at 620-465-3612 at least two days prior to your event. We will bring you a copy of the receipt to the event or can email it to you. 

Are gratuities included in the bill? 

 Gratuities are at your discretion and are never added to your bill. Gratuities, if any, will be distributed among our catering staff at the discretion of our Catering Manager.