Pie Fundraisers

* Need a Fundraiser that really “Makes Bank?”

* Ready to Sell Something People Actually Want to Buy?

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Here’s how it works…

We give you order sheets featuring our best selling pies. Your group pre-sells our pies for a prearranged delivery date. You stop selling 2 weeks prior to delivery day and submit your totals to us. We will bake your pies early in the morning and deliver them to your single location. (50 pie minimum / 600 pie maximum). You choose to deliver them each individually or have them picked up from your location.

We sell the pies to you for $9.49 each, which is $1.50 off our retail price. You choose to sell them for whatever price you decide. Many groups have sold them for as much as $15.00 each. Delivery to your location will cost $1.00 per mile (one way) and we will deliver free if you sell over 300 pies.

It’s easy for you and easy for the students. Their parents and friends will be delighted to purchase a fresh, made from scratch product that they can enjoy right away as opposed to the frozen, status quo that every other kid on the block is selling. 

So give us a call and let us get you started today.

620-465-3612. Ask for Ben, Mike or Adam

Additional Information:

* Sample Order Form

* Fundraiser Agreement Notes